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Okolo Exhibition, Generator Projects, Dundee

 17th November - 10th December 2023

Second installation at Generator Projects, Dundee. Second solo show this year of 2023. Was delighted to to be showing my recent collection of work in Dundee where I first began my creative journey back in 2014.


Back in 2017 went through a phase of collaging African and UK culture. Ended up creating these characters with African mask and using photos of some of my friends to help for research material. ‘Okolo’ ended up becoming this alter ego character that I’ve ended up being the aftermath of it all.

Ikenga Series, The Alchemy Experiment, Glasgow, 28th July - 6th August 2023

Recently I've been exploring Igbo Spirituality. 'Ikenga' is a deity from Igbo culture which refers to a spiritual force or energy. Often depicted as a wooden or metal figure with two horns on its head, served as a personal shrine, symbolising power and wisdom. It is believed to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. “Agiabor na ezinaunōya” shrine (Agiabor and her family) installed in the bottom floor.

M.R.L.C Takeover, Pipe Factory, Glasgow
30th September - 2nd October 2022